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Exciting News…!! Werewolf Coin (WWC) Trading started on Coinsbit Exchange.

Hurry Up. Let’s grab chance to BUY / SELL WWC.
Werewolf Coin (WWC) is live and trading with following pairs

Watch Werewolf and Latoken Discuss NFT space and how to become a part of it.

NFT Raffle Competition Platform

Exciting News…!! Werewolf Exchange Just launched its NFT Raffle Competition Platform.

An NFT raffle is often defined as a way of raising fund by selling tickets. It gives an alternative to conventional selling of Valuable products like an NFT. Also, as we know, many people don’t have enough resources to buy high-value goods by paying for the market price.

So, we came up with the idea of creating NFT Raffle where people collectively finance the pool and then NFT Winner will be selected randomly by a smart contract’s pseudo-random algorithm and the winner will get the NFT.

Werewolf’s vision is…

Exciting News…!! WWC Trading started on LATOKEN..

Hurry Up. Let’s grab chance to BUY / SELL WWC and Participate in Trading competition.

$WWC is live and trading on $USDT $BTC and $ETH pairs!

Trade 160 or more WWC tokens in the Werewolf trading competition, and top-50 traders will get a share of 8350 WWC crypto. 💰

Visit: https://go.latoken.com/5vk

#LATOKEN #VCTV hosted its first-ever session on investments in NFT With Werewolf Team. In this session we briefly explain why NFT is booming market now. How Werewolf is different than other types of NFT and Roadmap of Werewolf Exchange.

Werewolf App New User Interface

Werewolf App got new exciting user interface.. Have you seen it..?? Visit Now https://app.werewolf.exchange

The App interface include brand new Home, IBCO, Staking, NFT and NFT Marketplace pages, more interactive and user friendly. So why wait…?? Go ahead and explore the exciting DeFi Ecosystem.

Werewolf Coin (WWC) Buying Competition Winners

We had announced Werewolf Coin (WWC) Buying Competition on LATOKEN started from 16th April 2021 15:00 noon UTC. It got tremendous response. Werewolf Coin just finished with first round of IEO on LATOKEN and we are excited to announce Winners of first round.
First rank holder for this round got surprise gift of 1000 USDT

You can find Winners list here.

We had launch a Contest under the heading “Werewolf Coin Leaderboard Contest — 7500 WWC” on 15th March 2021, where we decided to giveaway 7500 WWC to those who enter into the leaderboard by staking more and more WOLF Tokens in to Moon Pools listed on website. As promised, apart from earned WWC reward for staking WOLF Tokens, Leaderboard rank holder got additional WWC for holding their first 5 ranks. Rewards are as follows,

  • Rank 1st: 2500 WWC
  • Rank 2nd: 2000 WWC
  • Rank 3rd: 1500 WWC
  • Rank 4th: 1000 WWC
  • Rank 5th: 500 WWC

You can verify the rewards details on Etherscan

Congratulations to the Winners

Werewolf Coin (WWC) Buying Competition on LATOKEN

Big rewards to be earned in the Werewolf Buying Competition!

💰 Buy any amount of $WWC IEO to get a share of 75K WWC tokens.

🔥 The highest buyer will get 3000 $USDT

Learn more and join now!
➡️ https://go.latoken.com/57c


Become an Alpha Werewolf in this exciting DeFi ecosystem. DEX| YIELD FARMING| NFT

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